FAQ about my domain!

Everyone, may I introduce to you... slade.ml. If that sounds familiar to you, it is because I've introduced that domain slowly over the past two years.

I wanted to share an FAQ page with you regarding the change, to help you understand fully why I made the change.

Q: Will your email change?
A: Yes. All future requests through my contact form will be sent to the new email. However, emails to my old address will forward to the new one.

Q: How did you acquire the Slade.ml domain name?
A: Somebody else owned it the day before I went to check if it was available. I acquired it by complete chance.

Q: What was this domain name going to be used for originally?
A: Originally- the idea was to have a launchpad for all of my social media accounts, etc. But after I took down a lot of my sites in favor of other platforms (*cough* Instagram *cough*), I also took down this launchpad.

Q: Will sladewatkins.ml still exist?
A: Everything that was on sladewatkins.ml will redirect to their respective counterparts on slade.ml. For example, my design site (design.sladewatkins.ml) will eventually redirect to the new site (designby.slade.ml).

Q: Do you still use Cloudflare?
A: Yep, and will continue to into the foreseeable future.

Q: Is your new site secured by HTTPS?
A: All websites that I have created, or have helped create for that matter, use HTTPS as an increased level of security. Cloudflare has been vital in this process.

Q: Where is everything going?
A: Over time, all of my sites will move over to the Slade.ml domain name. My social media accounts list has moved, alongside my blog and the main website itself. Other things - such as my first book - have yet to move.

Q: Will your Discord launchpad sites go away?
A: Simply put, yes, I've shut down all those Discord launchpad sites - so my home page at Slade.ml will just bring you to the Discord invite link going forward.

Q: Why was Mayors Discord shut down?
A: Mayors shut down at the end of June due to circumstances beyond our control. However, stay tuned, because Mik, Xavier, and myself have more on the way soon.

Thank you for your support. This page will be updated & pushed to the top with questions should they arise in the future.