Thoughts: February 2019 Nintendo Direct!

Nintendo Directs, whenever they end up premiering, are always super fun to watch. Game releases are something i like to hype up because a lot of the time. Only because sometimes, we don’t even see a mere leak or rumor, and it’s very cool to be surprised… especially by giant companies like Nintendo. This isn’t going to be your conventional “review” or “recap”, just a collection of random thoughts with little to some detail mixed in. Please keep that in mind!

With that out of the way, let’s jump into it.

Source: Nintendo

Opening with Super Mario Maker 2 was a great idea on Nintendo’s part. I’m extremely excited for this game. I’ve been really missing the original SMM game on Wii U for a while and i just haven’t had the chance to pick it up again. I made so many cool courses… ones i’m fond of and of course--the ones i hated. However, exploring that makes it all the more fun. Needless to say, with all the new features and gameplay mechanics coming in the next SMM, i’m extremely excited. Also the remixes they played in the background of that trailer were, how do i say, superb. Big thumbs up from me!

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was cool… I just wasn’t super interested in it. I feel like it’s missing its fe charm… maybe it’ll get better with time?

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker looks cool. I might get the game just for that, especially if an update is coming for 2-player co-op… ooh boy, i know who would actually play that with me! Sounds like a grand ‘ol time.

Tetris 99 looks cool. UPDATE: it's a great, competitive game that I tried immediately once it became available on my Switch.

Link’s Awakening looks freaking awesome, and if it’ll be anything like past Zelda remakes, it’ll be great. At least in my eyes. I’m a bit biased. I love the Zelda series.

Not having any mention of animal crossing was… disappointing. While i’m not super “upset” about it, i definitely missed not having any more info on it besides the fact that it’s coming to switch this year (supposedly).

That’s it! Hopefully we get more information in the near future. Another large direct with Animal Crossing in it? I want Animal Crossing. Don’t we all? Main point: I liked this direct, very much so. And a lot of it had me kind of interested so… I can’t really complain about it too much! Oh yeah, and click here to watch the direct or just scroll up to watch it right here!