Where do we go from here?

Hi everyone.

Today, Jon took to his YouTube channel to announce that TechnoBuffalo.com would be given to Mobile Nations. That video is embedded above.

It goes without saying that the app I've been working on for that site will cease development effective today. I've enjoyed working on it while I had the chance as it really helped expand my understanding of the Android world (as well as iOS for part of its cycle).

So where are we going now? Well, I'm planning quite a few things that are nearing completion which I'll share with you here today.
  1. I will be launching a podcast series featuring my friends later this year! Each season will consist of 7 episodes. We'll be getting together and just talking for an hour or so each episode about whatever we feel like doing. The amount of people we have on the podcast will fluctuate throughout the series. One episode could have 6 of us hosting, another could have 3 of us hosting.
  2. I plan on expanding my Twitch channel to gaming content as well as some upgrades to the overall stream experience itself.
  3. Finally, I still plan on creating an app for Android and iOS. More details on that to come sometime in 2019.
I hope we'll meet again here for another announcement/update/whatever sometime soon. :)