My friends and I are launching a podcast this year!

Hey, you! Big announcement!

My friends and I will be launching a new podcast series this year. This was something I detailed in my first blog post to the Inside Slade’s World site.

SHOW DETAILS - The amount of people who join each episode will fluctuate. One episode may have 3 people, while another could have 5 people, it all depends on what we feel like doing. Season 1 launches in 2019.

 HOSTS - Currently, the following people will be hosting the podcast. Additional names may join the show in the future.
 Slade Watkins -
 Maraidan Productions (Aidan) -
 ToeSnub (Ben) -
 Astronomy487 (Astro) -
 Tiggie06 (Tiggie) - 
 Storpo (Sterling) - 

 RELEASE - We will be using the name Just Chatting With You, and the series will be produced by DU Network. We will not be setting a set date for each episode’s release. However, we are aiming for at least one episode a month-- Further information can be found in the fact sheet.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email at [email protected]. I’m very excited for what the future of this show will hold.